Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of your questions and links to more info, you can also just call, text or email us.

Do we offer one day event charters? Yes, a private charter is a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or company event. Click on our EVENT CHARTERS page for details.

What to bring on your charter? Food and drinks, way points on an app on your phone or portable GPS, entertainments for the kids, your smartphone connects to the on-board sound system for music, a good book, bathing suit, boat shoes, laptop w/WIFI, hat, cream sunscreen.

What is on the boat? Linens, pillows, blankets, towels, salt & pepper, paper towel, tee pee. See full list on the Specifications page.

Where is the boat? The boat is berthed at Liberty Marina in Edgewater, MD (five miles from downtown Annapolis). Click here for DIRECTIONS.

Where can I learn details about the systems on the boat before going out on my charter? See manual below:

Imagine Vessel Operation.pdf

What about internet? Annapolis is covered by Annapolis Wireless and many marinas offer WIFI service. The signals carry surprisingly far over water, but don't expect blazing speeds. You can also bring your WIFI hotspot or mobile phone, there is coverage everywhere on the Chesapeake Bay.

What about pump outs? Please have the holding tanks pumped out and keep the receipt as proof. There is a $25 charge if you want us to have the pump out done. This is to help keep the Chesapeake Bay clean. Pump outs are available at most marinas and fuel docks.

What about fuel? We note the fuel level at the beginning of the charter (like when renting a car) and charge you to refill it, or you can top off with DIESEL FUEL during the pump-out. Note that the normal operation of the engines to get out on the Bay, anchoring, recharging batteries etc. for a 2-3 day charter will not use more than a few gallons of diesel.

What about the security deposit? We refund your security deposit within two weeks less any damage, fuel & pump-out charges. We need time to check the boat.

What about the weather? Spring on the Chesapeake Bay is delightful usually with good winds.

The summer is hot and sometimes muggy, although a breeze can be had when anchoring out. Like a quick shower? We experience refreshing thunder showers in the afternoons on muggy days.

The fall is beautiful when the leaves are changing color, there are good winds and comfortable temperatures.

Click here for the NOAA weather forecast for Annapolis. This weather forecast is very accurate, but keep checking, the weather does change on occasion:)

Which way is the wind blowing? Check WindFinder for Thomas Point and is also useful.

Click here for the latest conditions at Thomas Point Light.