Some Popular Chesapeake Bay Sailing Destinations

One Way Sailing Distance from our marina

An hour and a half

Lots to do, lots of restaurants and shops and lots and lots of boats, don't forget the Wednesday night races either.


 Half day

Baltimore inner harbor has it all within walking distance: Tall ships, first rate aquarium, shopping, museums, Orioles baseball, Ravens football .....

Saint Michaels and Miles River

 Half day

Lots to do, lots of restaurants and shops and lots of boats. There are a number of nice anchorages on the Miles river on the way, Tilghman Creek for example.

Saint Michaels is home of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, which worth a visit or two. They have several special events throughout the year.

Rock Hall
 Half day Rock Hall Harbor is a busy party spot with a few marinas. Nearby Swan Creek is quiet and idyllic with good anchoring and more marinas. Rock Hall crab cakes are first rate.
An hour Sailing center for cruisers, J-boats and small racing catamarans. Plenty of protected anchorages and some good restaurants. The Rhode river on the way is worth a visit too.
Rhode River
45 Minutes
This is a delightful destination south of Annapolis. Ideal for a day sail and Thomas Point Lighthouse is on the way.
White Hall Bay
 2 Hours
A great anchorage for a party, close to Annapolis, has a beach and is very picturesque.
3/4 day
Classic Eastern Shore charm. Quiet and idyllic. Home to the Oxford Yacht Club and the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry which was established in 1683. The trip from Oxford to Saint Michaels on bike is very popular and actually quicker than sailing there:)
3/4 day Cambridge is another colorful Eastern Shore town with some grit to it. There are a number of festivals held in Cambridge throughout the season. You can tie up in the protected harbor there, first come first serve.
Knapp's Narrows
2-3 hours
Knapp's Narrows is not only a shortcut to Oxford and Cambridge, it also leads into the Choptank river with many creeks and coves. Dunn cove, just north of  Knapp's on the Choptank side, is one of those Chesapeake Bay spots where you can spend a day or two leisurely anchored up and forget about the rest of the world. Tilghman is home to the world's oldest working skipjack, the Rebecca T. Ruark and it doesn't get much more Eastern Shore than this.

    Fun and Apps

Navionics Mobile Device Chart Apps 

How to navigate when you are sailing? But of course there's an app for that. We have found the Navionics Marine & Lakes mobile apps to be reliable, yet simple to use with vector charts, positioning, routes, tracks and built-in tide and currents information. All is just a few taps away and if your device has a GPS there is nothing else to plug in. That is except for the charger as a lot of "juice" is needed to run the app and GPS all day long, fortunately we have an outlet at the helm for a USB cable. 

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