Bahamas 2017

Can you believe it? August is almost over and Labor Day is coming up real soon. We here at Annapolis Catamaran Charters are already getting ready for the winter season in the Bahamas. If you want to plan a reprieve from the cold, rain, and snow in the winter just give us a call and we will arrange for lots of sun, swimming, beach combing, snorkeling, SCUBA and great sailing. We will be in the Abacos in November, Turks & Caicos Islands in December and January, and the Exumas February till May.

Here are just a few of the attractions in the Exumas:

  • Swim with colorful fish in the the Thunderball Grotto, you can jump through the opening at the top of the grotto to get in if you are really adventurous. Video here
  • Visit Staniel Cay Yacht Club with its great restaurant where the mega yachts tie up and the nurse sharks swim right up to the dock. You could take a stroll to the Happy People Marina, stop in for a drink at one of the establishments on the way, pick up some homemade Bahamian bread, go for a swim or visit one of the jewelry and craft stores. You could rent a bike or golf cart and see the whole island. There is also an underwater plane wreck to explore.
  • See the swimming pigs at Big Major Cay, it sounds funny and it is.
  • Visit the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park with its unspoiled nature both above and below the water's surface.
  • See the iguanas at Allen Cay and spend a night at anchor under the stars of the milky way and watch the planets rise.
  • Sail to the traditional Bahamian village at Black Point for a taste of really laid-back living.
  • Explore Lee Stocking Island with its abandoned research station and pick coconuts for rum drinks back on the boat. This island also has hiking trails and fantastic beaches.
  • Snorkel down and play a tune with David Copperfield's mermaid at her piano 10 feet down in the crystal clear water around Rudder Cut Cay.
  • Georgetown is the center of activity in the Exumas where you will find restaurants, shops, markets, hotels, churches, a dive operation, the airport and many sailboats. One could spend a week or two around Georgetown and not get bored, as a matter of fact we spend the winter based there.
  • There is even a Sandal's resort if you want to spend a day at the spa.
There are beaches, reefs to snorkel, sun, crystal clear waters and great sailing everywhere in the Exumas so come visit and recharge. We will take care of the work and you have the fun. 

Exumas Expedition Offer

Want an expedition rather than a vacation? We offer you "EXPEDITION: Exuma Islands, Bahamas – Imaging the Microscopic Beauty of Life" under the leadership of Joseph A. DeGiorgis, PhD. This is the third edition of this venture: We went to the Abacos in March '16, we are going to the Turks & Caicos in January '17 (sold out) and The Exumas in March '17. For full details go to >>>

Looking forward to sailing with you in the Bahamas,

Best regards,